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JUNE 2013

JUNE –2013

JULY 2013

We missed June much family drama going on. Sorry for the absence, and I hope to be fully back with forecasts by August. It's July and the sun is in Cancer, the sign that says “I Feel”. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet that rules emotions, women and children. Plus, Mercury, the planet that rules the rational mind is in Cancer, along with Jupiter the planet that expands and grows whatever you're focusing on. You might say that July is the month of increased emotions. It depends on us whether those emotions are positive or negative. With Mercury retrograde in Cancer until the 20th, many will be facing emotional issues that come from the past. Whatever comes up for you now will probably be based on unresolved or unexpressed emotions from the past. With Jupiter in Cancer there is an opportunity to experience more joy and more things to be thankful for. This is a good month for family reunions and connecting with loved ones you've been out of touch with...for too long.

The good news is that Saturn, planet of discipline is in Scorpio, a compatible water sign to Cancer, and Neptune planet of dreams, visions and spirituality is Pisces another compatible water sign. The Saturn energy can help you to put in the necessary work to make your dreams come true. While the Neptune energy will be inspiring you to get into a daily practice of meditation and prayer. We say it's time to use your spiritual gifts and to believe without wavering, in the goodness, love and Light that is only a breath away.

Rev. Michael Beckwith, in his Wednesday Agape Service urged us to be in “flowmotion” a cute word that means go with the flow. Especially when it might seem that things are not going your way, it's time to get in the flow, to throw the map away, relax and stay centered on the positive as opposed to focusing on the negative. After all we are co-creators of our own destiny and we have the freedom to choose what emotions we're going to connect with. Even though there might be delays or communication snafus, if we're patient and loving to all involved we'll get the results we desire.

The stars don't control us, they influence us. One Cancerian said recently when something devastating happened that seemed to be out of her control “I'm just going to eat comfort foods and enjoy it”. By the way, Cancer rules the stomach and breasts and it is the ultimate “comfort food” sign. I would say be good to your stomach and try not to eat mac & cheese or ice cream excessively. But if you feel you need it, by all means, go ahead and indulge yourself. Also think about getting a full body massage, or swimming in some comforting water, or taking a hot bubble bath. Getting a manicure and/or pedicure is also a safe way to pamper yourself without gaining extra calories. Enjoy your month and know that this too shall pass. The Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd and it will be time to put your little will in alignment with the greater will of the Most High. It's all good!



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