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March 21 - April 20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES – You were born when the Sun was in Aries, the sign that says “I Am”. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of outgoing action and it is the 1st sign in the Zodiac that rules the 1st House of self in the Astrology chart. Aries are natural go getters, seem to have no fear, and are given to impulse or “jumping in where angels fear to tread”. Of course it is important for Aries people to think before they move and to understand on the spiritual level how to cooperate with others. Aries people are fiercely independent, like to go solo, but when they grow up they realize they're not in this world alone. Aries is known to be brave and fearless, and willing to try the untried. They are innovators, and inspire others to follow their lead. Many Aries people have athletic talents, they make good sprinters as running fast and competition is easy for them. Being first is a favorite thing for Aries people, they hate to lose and will do what's necessary to come in first. Aries people are easily bored, love to travel, drive fast and explore unknown territory. When they reach a spiritual level Aries people learn to be patient and to think before they move into action. They can be accident prone, especially when they're younger, because the Mars connection inspires them to move fast, without thinking. The evolved Aries is a joy to be around because they are open to trying something new and moving beyond obstacles that seem to be in the way. The world is a better place because Aries is in it. They help us to move it up to a higher level and achieve our highest ideals.

ARIES YEAR – 2013 – This year will be exciting for Aries People born in March. Uranus, planet of unpredictable change is in Aries, inspiring Aries to go for their dream. Also Pluto, planet of transformation is in Pluto forming a square angle to Aries. This is the year for Aries People, especially those born in March to completely heal themselves and to transform their lives. Behold, I maketh all things new says Pluto in Capricorn. Choose your battles wisely, as the Uranus and Pluto energy may bring up situations where you'll want to fight the powers that be. Use your spiritual gifts and talents to visualize and imagine yourself to be successful in any new adventures. Keep in mind that the power is on your side, as long as what you strive to do is helping others as well as yourself. Think in terms of “we” as opposed to “me”.

ARIES MONTH – APRIL 2013 – Mars the action planet and your ruler will be in Aries until April 20th, so whatever your working on give it your best effort before then. Mars will be in Taurus from the 20th until May 31st, and you'll be more practical in your approach to new ideas. On the 10th, the New Moon will be in Aries and it's time to launch new projects or start new adventures. On the 25th the Full Moon in Scorpio will be eclipsed. The Eclipse will add intensity to everyone's feelings so be aware of how you project what you're feeling inside. Scorpio is about secrets and with and eclipse something is hidden. Pay attention to your intuition and listen without judgement to others who might want to share or disclose something of a sensitive nature. If you're not certain about what it is your about to do, meditate on it and look for signs that will guide you in the right direction. If for some reason you might feel hesistant about trusting someone or confiding in someone, wait until the feeling passes before making a move.



April 20 – May 20

APRIL 2013 - The New Moon will be in Aries on the 10th and it's time to set your goals for the future. It's best to write them down, and to review them frequently. What you write goes in more deeply into your subconscious mind. This is also a period from the 8th until the 11th, that you might want to spend some quality time alone or working behind the scenes on personal projects. While others might be up and doing, you can be the observer watching how they're using their energy. On the 20th, Mars the action planet moves into Taurus and you'll be personally energized to get up, get out and get busy. Try to be patient with others who might not have Mars in their signs (smile), but just do what you need to do and leave others to do what they need to do. The extra boost of energy could be used to work out at a gym, swim, walk, and get into a regular physical routine designed to make your body more healthy. The important thing to keep in mind is to pace yourself and make sure you're getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and refraining from foods that are sweet, sugary and non nutritious. This is also a good time to stay out of arguments with others and not to allow your anger to control you. If you feel that someone else is trying to control you, just smile and let them know it won't work. When you are calm and relaxed and answer people with a soft voice, there's power in not allowing yourself to "go there". People will understand that you mean what you say when you don't seem too attached to their reaction. On the 25th the Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio, your opposite sign. This is a time to be the witness of what others are doing, but not necessarily needing to get involved. There are secrets with the Full Moon Eclipsed in Scorpio, but with patience, just know the truth will rise to the surface. "truth crushed to the earth will rise again". There is only one truth so you don't need to call someone out in order to get to it. Just relax and go with the flow. Unplug from the televison or the computer for a few days and watch how easily you find out what's happening. Someone will be glad to tell you the doom and gloom news, if there is any. You won't be missing a thing but your blood pressure will probably go down.



APRIL 2013 - The New Moon will be in Aries on the 10th and you may be restless and wanting more activity in your life. Time to set new goals or to write down your wishes on a piece of paper. Talking about them is a waste of energy, especially if your talking to someone who doesn't have the compacity to understand what you mean. On the 20th Mars the action planet will go into Taurus and stay there until May 31st. This is a good time to put some feet on your prayers and take the necessary action to attract more abundance in your life. Taurus is the Money Sign that rules the 2nd House of Money in the astrology chart. Use your creativity more wisely and come up with a plan to increase the flow of money. Something that you've been doing for free could be the source of increased prosperity now. On the 25th The Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio. This is a good time to unplug from the television and/or the computer. Spend some quiet time in meditation and don't get caught up in the doom and gloom news. Half of what you hear won't be true anyway, and all of it is designed to get your attention. In the case of the news it's designed to increase their ratings. Don't fall for it. The things that are important will come to you when you need to hear it. Try not to repeat gossip or to allow someone to take your time and attention away from the personal projects you've laid out for yourself. Concentrate on what's important to you and leave the rest alone. In other words be on purpose and focus on what's right in front of you. Pray for those in need, without trying to control the situation. Sometimes the best gift is the unselfish prayer. Stay away from people who are sensationalists or who catastrophize everything. They have a way of pulling at your energies with their antics. Stay the course and you'll know exactly why you did that after this period is over.



June 22 – July 22

APRIL 2013 - This month the New Moon in Aries happens on the 10th. This is a good time to bring up your courage and be brave about what it is you plan to do. Don't be concerned about other people's opinions, because what they thing is more about who they are than who you are. Thank the people who want to share their advice but stick to your plan. On the 20th, Mars the action planet moves into Taurus, the fixed earth sign that is ruled by the Bull. You're going to have to be stubborn in your convictions and to press on towards your personal goals, in spite of what others may think. Pay attention to that gut feeling inside, which is your intuition trying to get your attention. Follow your first mind and you'll see that you were right in the moves you're making. On the 25th, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be eclipsed. This is an intense Full Moon and you may be feeling it more intensely than others. Try not to get caught up in the news or shocking stories brought to you by people you know you can't trust. Play the wait and see game, before committing to a project that seems to be on the up and up and steer away from get rich schemes that promise extra money. Make sure the actions you take will not only benefit you, but benefit others. Wait until the Full Moon passes and the truth will be revealed to you. As long as you are honest and forthright in your dealings with others, you don't have to worry about outcomes. Lose the need to control the actions of others and just let life unfold naturally. People are only doing what their consciousness allows them to do. If they knew better, they'd do better. Be forgiving of someone who apologizes. Let go and let God deal with the consequences. Don't let resentment, or guilt take over your mind. These two attitudes cause physical discomfort and are not good for your health. Focus on your plans for the future and try not to let anyone else's foolishness distract you. You know what's right and you should act on it, regardless of how things look right now.



July 23 – Aug. 22

APRIL 2013 - Welcome the New Moon in Aries, your compatible fire sign, on the 10th. This represents new start energy and a good time to finish projects or start personal new projects. Aries says "I AM" so be sure to put positive words behind that phrase, every time you say it. I Am, Beautiful, I Am, Capable, I Am that. Your thoughts and words attract to you what you thing or say, so especially now, think and say what you want, as opposed to what you don't want. On the 20th Mars, the action planet moves into Taurus until May 31st. This is a good cycle to go with the flow, and to refrain from trying to control things or people. Someone in your life might be the one trying to control you, so be the observer, witness what's happening, but stay calm and resolved to do what you think is best. On the 25th the Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio, the sign that says "I Desire". This is a good day to meditate, pray and project what you want to happen. Unplug from the news and telephone and tap the energy that's deep inside of you. You won't miss anything because if it's really important you will know. Take a personal day, get a massage, go for a swim, exercise and just do you. This too shall pass. Take responsibility for your health by eating a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water. Try not to get caught up in someone else's drama, but let them try to find their own solutions. In other words don't make someone else's problems your first priority. Send love and blessings to those in need and let the universe handle the details. Think of how many times you've tried to rescue the same people and how it affected your physical body. You can't help someone if you're not on top of your game, and you can't give from an empty cup. Be good to you, send prayers of love and Light to those in need and leave the rest alone. What you pray for others you're actually praying for yourself.



Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

APRIL 2013 - The New Moon in Aries happens on the 10th, and this is a good time to start new projects of a personal nature. Time to think about going on a budget, or writing a proposal to get finances for a special project. Do something that you might have been afraid to do...feel the fear but do it anyway. Write down your goals and review them on a regular basis. The sky is the limit and you can help your dreams to come true, if you truly believe in them. On the 20th, Mars, the action planet will go into Taurus, a compatible earth sign. Mars will stay in Taurus until May 31st. This is a good cycle for you, because in a sense "the force is with you". You might feel energized to try something new or to participate in an activity that's good for your body. Besides nutrition, the body need to be exercised regularly and we all need to review what we've been thinking on a consistent level. Speak the word of what you want, and bypass the temptation to talk about what you don't want. If you need help with a personal project, don't be afraid to ask. You might just be surprised at how many people are there to help you when you need them. On the 25th the Full Moon in Scorpio will be eclipsed. From the 23rd to the 26th you'll be in that cycle. This is a good time to project your personal goals and to go into meditation to listen and receive guidance. This is a positive aspect for Virgo people so use it in positive ways. Let go or any resentments or judgments of others. As you release and let go you'll feel the energy rising and you'll be lighter and freer than before. What we carry around with us can become a hazard and it's so unnecessary. What's done is done, and we can never bring back the past. Keep your thinking positive and in the present as you look forward to the next adventure in your life. Say a prayer for others, knowing that what you send out will return. The selfless prayer is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to another person. Carry on's all good.



September 23 - October 22

APRIL 2013 - The New Moon in Aries, your opposite sign, happens on the 10th. This is the day to ignore the comments that may be upsetting and coming from others. This is not the time to compare ourself to others or to compete with others. Just be your own sweet self, and recognize that you are a good person. When someone tries to push your buttons, be the witness and observe the interaction. Say "I Am Peace", "I Am Love", "I Am Balanced". Stay in that energy from the 8th until the 11th, the full cycle of the New Moon. Try to break the habit of being a people pleaser because no matter how much you try you can't please everyone. On the 20th, Mars the action planet moves into Taurus, the Money Sign, and it stays there until May 31st. Tap into the Taurus energy by working on a plan to straighten out your finances. Also open your mind to new and creative ways to make more money. Use a talent of hobby that makes your happy and find the joy in doing it. On the 25th, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be eclipsed. This is an especially intense Full Moon so be sure to do your spiritual practice more seriously. Meditate before you leave the house so that you'll already be in a positive frame of mind as you go about your daily activities. You might be called on to be the peacemaker in a misunderstanding between friends or relatives. Use your abilities to see both sides of a situation and give a balanced opinion of who's right and who's wrong. You could be the person that calms things down and helps others to see the Light. Take your time before stating your opinion and be sure that you're hearing the whole story before you open your mouth. Someone might just be telling you half the truth because they want you on their side. Being on the side of truth is the only way to go and that might be revealed after the eclipse. Eclipses are temporary and sooner or later the Light will be evident. This is also a good time to forgive everyone, including you, for mistakes made in the past.



Oct. 23 – Nov. 22

APRIL 2013 - The New Moon will be in Aries on the 10th and this might bring up your energy and inspire you to exercise, walk, swim or otherwise work out your body. Aries is the athlete of the Zodiac, so participating in sports and being good to your body is a positive way to use this energy. Be sure to hydrate regularly and to eat a nutritious heart healthy diet also. You might be also inspired to start new projects or to join a new program designed to help you live a better life. Self improvement is always a good thing. On the 20th, Mars the action planet and one of your rulers, moves into Taurus and stays there until May 31st. Mars will be opposite your Sun, so this is a period to watch your step, go drive carefully, or at least obey all the traffic signs, and speed limits. This also could be the time when people who are stubborn and fixed could get on your nerves. Try to be patient with people who don't share your opinion. If you listen with an open mind, you could learn something new. On the 25th, the Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio and you might be more sensitive than usual. From the 23rd to the 26th, try not to take anything that someone says or does, too personally. This is a good period to start a spiritual practice, like meditating or praying regularly or even tai chi. It's also a good period to just relax and be good to you. Get a soothing massage, a new hair style, or hair cut, and attend to your personal needs. Honor you body, love it, and thank it for all the work it does for you (smile). We take our bodies for granted until it breaks down, or needs medical attention. This is a good period to do some preventative work, and to give yourself some self hugs. Quietly say "I Love You" and hug yourself or if you're putting on lotion, do it slowly and purposely while saying to yourself "thank you". This might seem silly, but ask yourself how many times have you thanked your body for supporting you? Open your mind to the grand design for your body and your life.



Nov. 23 – Dec. 21

APRIL 2013 - Welcome the New Moon in Aries on the 10th, because Aries is one of you compatible fire signs. You're in a flow now and things just seem to be happening in good and positive ways. Be your natural cheerful self and share some positive words with others. This is a good day to give a smile to everyone you interact with. Keep in mind that what you give you will receive. Also write down your goals for the future and "see" them coming to fruition. If you believe in them, you can draw them into reality. The Law of Attraction is at work here, so what you're thinking about consistently can come true. On the 20th Mars the action planet moves into Taurus and stays there until May 31st. Now's the time to take some steps towards making things happen on a financial level. If you're tired of being broke, check out your spending habits, go on a budget, or find creative ways to make more money. Know that things can change, if your believe they can and if you put some action behind the prayers. Ask for guidance from your helpful angels and listen quietly while meditating and the solution to your finances will be shown to you. On the 25th, the Full Moon in Scorpio, will be eclipsed. This is an intense period that begins on the 23rd and ends on the 26th. Scorpio says "I Desire" and what you desire now could be temporarily hidden from view. Make sure when someone is telling you something, that you're hearing the whole story. Some people are afraid of the truth and will hide it because they are afraid of your reaction. But if you check into your intuition you already know what's really going on, but haven't let on that you do. Your intuition could come from a feeling in your stomach. We say "gut feeling" when we're picking up on the truth. Just know that the truth is all there is and the truth is that which is really so. And the truth will eventually come out because it can't be hidden forever. Be truthful and honest when dealing with others, and bless those who aren't. Forgiveness is another side effect of the eclipsed Full Moon in Scorpio, so meditate and forgive and forget past grievances. There's nothing you can do about what happened in the past, but to forgive it and move on with your life.



Dec. 22 – Jan. 20

APRIL 2013 - on the 10th the New Moon will be in Aries, the sign that says "I Am". Watch your ego and don't let someone else pull you into a negative discussion at this time. The best way to deal with people who seem to push your buttons is to just let go and go with the flow. Just know that everything is in Divine right order and stick to your routine. On the 20th, Mars the action planet moves into Taurus and will be there until May 31st. Taurus is a compatible sign for Capricorn, so during this cycle you're bound to accomplish many of the goals you've set. You're not afraid of hard work, so the work you have to do now should be inwardly satisfying. Know that you have everything you need, including money, to be happy and successful. Ways could open up for you to earn more money through a creative project, or hobby. On the 25th the Full Moon in Scorpio will be eclipsed. This is an intense Full Moon, because Scorpio is an intense sign. While others may be struggling to stay balanced, you might be the one who has a good word or could help them in some way. Eclipses temporary hide the Light from the Moon, and you should trust your intuition to get to the truth of a situation. Know that eventually the truth will be revealed and you will be thankful that you trusted what you were feeling deep down inside. Try not to get sidetracked from your personal mission, by listening to gossip or tales coming from people who just want to get your attention. Listen but reserve comment until the truth is revealed. What you say now could be taken out of context, so play the waiting game and keep your opinions to yourself. Take comfort in being in the silence and meditating quietly. Things are not what they seem to be, and in time you will be thankful for the real truth to come out.



Jan.21 – Feb.19

April 2013 - The New Moon will be in Aries on the 10th. This is a good day to make new starts and to begin new projects that are self fulfilling. A good day to take care of you, to love yourself unconditionally and to recognize the Divine within you. I Am are the keywords for Aries, so watch the words you say after I Am and make sure they are positive, uplifting and enthusiastic. On the 20th, Mars, the action planet moves into Taurus and stays until May 31st. This is a good period to stick with your goals and to use your time productively. Weed out the activities and/or people who may be distracting you from getting the job done. On the 25th, the Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio and this is a time to meditate and focus using your powers of imagination on the things you want to accomplish. Eclipses sometimes hide things, so if you think you aren't being told the truth, follow your intuition, because you're probably right. The Light will shine and the truth will be revealed. Keep in mind that even though it's cloudy, the sun is always shining. Getting involved in intellectual arguments is a waste of precious time. You don't have to prove to anyone that you know what you know. Know when to speak and when to be silent and follow your intuition when talking to people who are in power. In fact letting the other person talk is the best way to see what's really going on. Only discuss things of a sensitive nature with people you trust. Try not to listen to idle gossip or believe what someone thinks they know. It's better to find out for yourself before you state your opinions. Breathe deep and stay calm and collected if someone brings you shocking news.



Feb. 20 – March 19

APRIL 2013 - The New Moon in Aries happens on the 10th and you might feel energized to start something new. Be sure to write down your goals for the future and focus on personal projects. You may feel a little restless under this New Moon and want to quickly change your present situation, so be patient with yourself and/or others and allow things to unfold naturally. On the 20th, Mars, the action planet will move into Taurus and be there until May 31st. This energy gives everyone more determination to work harder and to accomplish their goals. Mars in Taurus also brings out the creativity in people because it's ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. You might be thinking of ways to spruce up your wardrobe, get a new hairstyle or a manicure/pedicure. Play with the energy because change can be a wonderful thing...and the only constant in the universe is change. On the 25th, the Full Moon will be eclipsed in Scorpio, your compatible water sign. Sometimes Scorpio is referred to as the "sex" sign,because it rules the reproductive organs in the body. This would be a good time to be with someone you love or to just buy some sexy lingerie that makes you feel good. You are a creative being so use your creativity to help you feel more desireable. Be aware that the eclipse in Scorpio could be hiding something. When interacting with people be aware of what's not being said and read between the lines. Your intution will tell you if someone is just trying to get over on you. Keep what you "see" quiet and just be the witness. Quiet observation will bring out the truth. Realize that is someone is being untruthful, they are fearful that if you knew the facts you wouldn't want to be in their company anymore. Be gentle and try not to be defensive when you discover what's really going on. The Truth is that which is really so, and there's no way that anyone can hide the Truth forever. There's also now way that you're going to allow someone else ruin your day, your good mood, or dreams of a positive future. Unless you let them.

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